Angela Woodward
Excellent service and goods just as described.
Alan Skødt
quick and easy way to order
per lindberg
Good, appreciate the service and solid follow up when I pointed out that tape rolls purchased was spliced and not continues. Makes one put Jeka on list for future supplier to use if needed.
Karin Jakobsen
Todo perfecto!
Karin Jakobsen
Con el antideslizante, mi perro puede bajar las escaleras sin miedo: - la mejor compra en mucho tiempo.
Diane Rodger
Part missing! Phoned company to tell them and was asked to email which I did. No reply. 1 week later rang to check if email was received. Put on hold then told colleague was looking into and they would be in touch. No one has been in touch! So two phone call and an email from me...nothing from them!
Angela K Alberts
It was easy to find what we needed and the order process went very fast. Thank you for the ease and promptness.
Prompt service and delivery. Would recommend.
I bought this tape 1 year ago and it was very good. But I recently bought 4 more rolls of the same tape and it is different now, It gets extremely dirty. To the point that you can not tell the difference from the floor and the tape. The same product 1 year apart are very different, very unsatisfied. We also have a difficult time receiving this tape in the US it takes over 2 weeks and to return it costs more than the tape itself.
Het product was goed, maar dat ik voor zo'n klein product 17.50 aan verzendkosten moest betalen vond ik erg overdreven.