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Park-It® rubber parking curb

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The Park-It® parking curb is constructed of 100% recycled rubber and is used to effectively guide cars when pulling into a parking stall. It is profiled at 10cm high, safeguarding potential damage to today’s low, front-end car designs.

Unlike concrete or plastic, which necessitate frequent replacements, the Park-It®'s recycled rubber construction makes it safer and more durable. In-moulded highway reflective tape (available in yellow or white) ensures visibility and pedestrian safety.

The Park It® comes with pre-moulded holes and can be shipped with rebar spikes or lag bolts for installation. They are lightweight (16 kg for an 18cm Park-It®) and flexible; conforming to the contour of uneven road surfaces.

Park-It® parking curbs are available in 90cm, 120cm and 180cm lengths and are covered by a 3-year warranty; 1 year on the tape (under normal use).

Tekniset tiedot

  • Manufacturer
  • Materiaali
  • Leveys
    15 cm
  • Käyttötyyppi
    Sisä- ja ulkokäyttöön
  • Korkeus
    10 cm
  • Asennustapa